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Turn Your REALationships into Revenue


I'm glad you've made it to this page and I'm so excited you've decided to invest more of your time in yourself and your business to learn my insider secrets to building better, longer lasting, more profitable relationships in your business.

And now for my special offer!

Do you wonder...

  • Where do I find the right JVs?
  • How do I connect with them?
  • What do I say?

I'm MaryPat Kavanagh, Your Queen of Connections and I'm going to share with you my own tools, tips and strategies I teach to my clients and use in my own business to create profitable REALationships.

By now you have invested some time into understanding and answering the 8 most profitable questions about your relationship strategy. These can help to understand what you need to do to have an effective strategy in place for your marketing. If you missed this important audio & workbook, please get your copy now!

Keep reading if any of these comments sound familiar:

  • I feel stuck in a joint venture partnership and it feels like I am doing all the work myself!
  • I agreed to this JV program because of the other experts who were supposedly involved. But now I feel used. I learned from some friends that they committed because they thoght I had already committed. I realize now that we were all set up so this person could get access to my lists, my expertie and my credibility.
  • I feel like I am using my friends when I ask them to partner with me.
  • I am scared that I might offend someone if I say the wrong thing.
  • I'm not sure where to start, who to call or what to say!!!

I understand all of these comments because I was there. While I have always had a knack for creating amazing relationships for my clients, when I stepped into the limelight and tried launching my own products and services, I failed miserably

I was embarrassed, dissappointed and confused.

How could I screw up for myself the same thing that I was so good at for others?


That one word was the reason that I did everything wrong. But once I was able to get past my own fears AND start noticing the exact steps that I took while I was facilitating and managing these 5 and 6 figure relationships for my clients, I was able to blast through my feelings of ineptness and begin creating amazing relationships for myself.

I currently have a network filled with multi-million dollar business owners

who I can call at anytime. What's best about these amazing people is that they see the gift that I share in this world even on days that I don't see it myself!

What would you do if you had a million-dollar network of people who believed in you?

I'm currently on a mission to help passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs get more visibility, credibility, and reach to make a bigger difference in this world. I am doing that by helping you create amazing connections that build into REAL-ationsihps that help you make that difference that is your purpose work.

Based on the feedback from my friends and mastermind partners, I have created a "toolkit" that you can take and learn my own step-by-step processes and systems so that you can create your own amazing partnerships and REAL-ationships to take you to the next level of success!

Introducing the Queen of Connections REALationships Toolkit

In this Toolkit I'll share with you all the strategies and tools, I use personally in my business taking you step by step from:

  1. What you need to do before you reach out and make a connection.
  2. Proven steps you can follow to build the REALationship (once you've made the right connection) and...
  3. My step-by-step system to nurture the REALationship you've built to turn it into Revenue.

Let's step into a profitable future together!

Now that you've learned The 5 Necessary Tips to Turning Your REALationships into Revenue, you've begun to set the foundation for making the RIGHT connections, building upon your new relationship and creating profitable REALationships. choosing the best joint venture partners possible. (If you haven't downloaded youre copy of The 5 REALationships audio yet, go to QueenofConnections.com right now)

Creating and building upon your connections is SO important to your business thriving. I just can't tell you enough how critical it is for you to create the right impression with your inital connection, build upon your newly established relationship and continue to nurture your connection into a REALationsihp.

The REALationships Toolkit gives you all the information you need to start creating, but you don't have to believe me, read what Shannon Cherry said about working through the toolkit with me:


Shannon Cherry

"I want to tell you how MaryPat and her ideas about joint ventures have changed the way I do business!"

You see at first, I was struggling trying to find good joint venture partners. I was afraid because I'm a "Doer" and a great "Ideas Person" that I would end up doing all the work or have someone sitting on their laurels and use my talents. This was not something I felt good about and MaryPat was the first person to ever tell me...

"You're right Shannon, that is absolutely wrong!"

MaryPat went through a process with me that made me discover who would be great people to partner with to make more money, grow my list and to actually feel comfortable working with.

Shannon Cherry

So you're ready to get started? Great!

Within the REALationshps Toolkit I answer the 3 questions every one asks about JV's...

  • Where do I find them?
  • How do I connect?
  • What do I say?

And because different people process differently and almost everyone needs a little hand-holding now and then, I have designed this program to work with you.

Immediately, you will receive an E-BOOK filled with all the information you need to set yourself up including tips, process and step-by-step systems for relationship success.

Next, you will start receiving an E-COURSE that will run over the course of the next 3 weeks, giving you support, simple exercises, homework and direction for IMPLEMENTING your JV strategy.

Finally, I am offering a bonus tele-class where you can bring your questions and concerns and specific issues. We will break through your fears and stuck points so that you can move forward with confidence and fun! (and yes, we will be recording this class so that you can listen again and again!)

Wow! This is a ton of information - it sounds overwhelming!

The reason I am including this program in an ebook AND and ecourse is to eliminate the overwhelm. However, I ten to give and give.

So, just in case you still get overwhelmed and questions arise before or after the open tele-class, I am offering UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS for a whole month! This email access is to ME! I will answer any questions and clarify any content that is shared during this course.

While I know that you can bring in TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WITH JUST ONE GOOD REAL-ATIONSHIP, I am determined that everyone can have access to this simple information.

So, I am offering this program for just $197.

And I'm offering a payment plan as well - only 3 payments of $77

So what are you waiting for?

Just to recap:

This program includes my step-by-step systems plus a number of tips that you can customize to your marketing and business that will result in creating your own TRIPLE-WIN PARTNERSHIPS.

What's that worth to you?

To our Success!


P.S. If you're ready to take creating your REALationships to the next big level, commit to building your business on a higher level and leap frogging to being the most sought after Joint Venture Expert in your field, consider working with me privately. Just email me directly at marypat@queenofconnections.com!

P.P.S. If you have known me for any length of time, then you know I over-deliver. You will NOT be disappointed! Sign up now and start building the RIGHT REALatoinships to take you to the success you are meant to accomplish!

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